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Sunday, 3 February 2013

VLM 2013 - Week 3 of 14

VLM - Week 3 of 14
Week 3 - (Mon 28/1 - Sun 3/2)

Mon: Rest Day
Tues: 10.0 Miles @ 8:22/mile
Weds: 8.0 Miles incl. Dorothy Hyman Winter 2 Miles Track Race 12:19 (5:59, 6:20)
Thurs: 9.0 Miles @ 8:47/mile
Fri: 10.0 Miles @ 8:12/mile
Sat: 6.0 Miles incl. Dewsbury parkrun  18:58 (5:56,6:01,6:07) (3rd)
Sun: 8.0 Miles incl. Dewsbury 10K 38:12 (19:35,18:37) (6:11,6:18,6:26,5:54,5:54,6:07)

Total Mileage: 51.0 Miles

This was one of those weeks where my legs said 'hang on a minute, we're knackered - cant we have a bit of rest'.

Now they can be lazy little sods at times but on this occassion they were justified in having a bit of a moan after the five 20+ milers in 17 days.

So it was a case of carrying on but being aware that I had to get back on the right side of the overtraining line.

Dorothy Hyman Winter Track 2.0 miles

This was a great example of how cumulative long runs in quick succession can kill speed until the training effect has bedded in.

Setting off with what would normally be a very comfortable first lap of 86 seconds, each subsequent lap then got progressively slower. This was very much a run in slow motion, completely untroubled but no chance of going any quicker.

Thursday Evening 9.0 Miles

This run could have gone either way, the legs could have bounced back and been ready for some more steady miles or, alternatively, could be lifeless and still wanting rest.

Setting off with an outline 18 miler in mind, it was flowing reasonably well for the first 7-8 miles but then treacle rapidly accumulated in the legs such that I couldnt even get to the completion of 10 miles. At 9 miles I had to walk.

This is where experience comes in because I take this as a good sign, meaning that the total training load up to this point is right up at the top end of what I am able to tolerate and, as such, will lead to as much training benefit as possible without breaking down. That is as long as I keep an eye on potentially going into overtraining territory.

Dewsbury parkrun

After last week's cancellation due to dangerous ice and snow, this week Crow Nest Park was back to looking like this:

And conditions were perfect in every way, as evidenced by the fact that 15 runners out of a potential 41 ran PBs, including a resurgent Tom Howard, who has been convinced he was in PB shape for a few weeks and finally got the conditions to prove it, taking another 10 secs off to record 19:13.

My own run of 18:58 was worth around 18:15 on a flat course, which I was more than pleased with because it probably represents comeback PB fitness in terms of cardiovascular capacity. As soon as weight gets back into line with where it was around August/September the comeback PB of 17:25 could well be back in range.

So I had quite a spring in my step after this run, especially being so soon after the mid week treacle treading. :)

This was also the first parkrun out of the four completed in 2013 where I had managed to get round the whole thing with both shoelaces tied throughout. So two fully tied shoelaces on the same day as the fastest time of 2013, I wonder if there could be something in this? I might even try keeping them tied again just to see :)

Dewsbury 10K

For a race that starts at 9am it might be a good idea to wake up before 8:10am. Luckily it was the nearest race of the year, so bacon saved!

Dewsbury is a straight out and back course, with an almost imperceptible incline on the outwards 5K but enough to make the return journey pretty swift, especially today as there was a headwind on the way out.

Going into this race I was thinking that anything beginning with a 37 would keep things well on track for being ready for April. So, considering the wind, I have to be happy enough with only being 12 seconds away, 38:12 (19:35,18:37) - 6:11 6:18, 6:26, 5:54, 5:54, 6:07

This confirmed what I was thinking yesterday, in terms of having a comeback PB engine once the weight comes back into line. It was an untroubled race, with the legs feeling strong and breathing being relaxed but, as would be expected with a number of quick fire long runs, I wasnt able to get the HR up to the levels that will be possible in a few weeks time.

And I spent most of the second half doing battle with Kate Middleton's husband. The bodyguards were very good at being invisible I have to say!

This was at about 9.5K, with me in dark blue. I look so much better in blurred vision :) (I think photographer John Broom blurred it intentionally to be honest):

I'm sure Danny Norman doesnt read this but just in case I would like to point out that very rare beast in the background of this photo - a red postbox in Yorkshire! :p

Taking into account the 10Ks since the downtime, it feels like everything is pretty much on track:

18th Nov: Abbey Dash 41:34
16th Dec: Telford 10K 39:34
3rd Feb: Dewsbury 10K 38:12

Very big performances this morning from:

Dan Holdsworth - 35:21. A new PB by 1:18. I was three minutes in front of Dan at GNR in September, I'm happy to finish before he's packed up and gone home now :P

Tom Williams - Tom signposted a PB on Facebook this morning and then went and delivered, with a first sub 37 clocking of 36:57!

Next Week:

The fixed items this coming week are:

Weds: 10,000m track race at Cudworth - I will be attempting to run this progressively, with each 5 lap block being a bit quicker than the previous 5 laps. But, on a basic level, it will just be an opportunity to string together another block of strong miles on relatively tired legs.

Sat - Dewsbury parkrun

Sun - 20 miles. This will be a gentle run around the course of the Spen 20.

If the legs are feeling up to it I may get another 20 miler in on Monday, just to make the Wednesday evening 10,000 even more challenging.....


  1. You never know who's looking in, so thought it good to blur your face like they do in those crime shows...:-)

  2. Thanks for the shout mate, I can feel another summer of close battles coming on ;-)