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Monday, 18 May 2015

Kent Roadrunner Marathon 2015 (Week 2 of 4)

Week 2 of 4

Mon 11/5: 4.0 Miles @ 8:46/mile
Mon 11/5: 4.0 Miles @ 8:38/mile
Tues 12/5: 4.0 Miles @ 8:39/mile
Tues 12/5: 6.21 Miles @ 8:27/mile
Weds 13/5: 4.0 Miles @ 8:57/mile
Weds 13/5: 4.0 Miles incl John Carr 5k 17:27 (3.1 miles @ 5:36/mile)
Thurs 14/5: 4.0 Miles @ 8:53/mile
Thurs 14/5: 10.0 Miles @ 8:32/mile
Fri 15/5: 4.0 Miles @ 9:00/mile
Fri 15/5: 6.21 Miles @ 8:25/mile
Sat 16/5: 4.0 Miles incl Perry Hall parkrun 17:53 (3.1 miles @ 5:45/mile)
Sun 17/5: 14.0 Miles incl Chester Half Marathon 1:19:21 (13.1 miles @ 6:03/mile)
Sun 17/5: 3.1 Miles @ 8:31/mile

Total Mileage - 71.52 Miles

With this week being only the second week post Belfast marathon it was going to be interesting to see how things would hold together during what would be the nearest thing to a 'normal' week, ie 70+ miles with 3 decent efforts in the mix.

Weds 13th May - John Carr 5K Race 2 17:27 (Hannah 17:46)

It was good to see another 17:27 clocking in race 2, exactly the same time as race 1. 

The Race 1 effort has since been declared invalid due to a short course, so this represented a bit of an improvement on the week before and certainly felt better, so good news all round on the marathon recovery front.

As it is only a couple of weeks to the Kent Roadrunner marathon, Hannah took the opportunity to give the rather noticeable Roadrunner marathon vest an airing:

The Roadrunner supremo, Ian Berry, saw this and commented that the vest made Hannah look taller than usual so someone decided that it may be a good idea for me to have one too to elongate my appearance.

All well and good but how was I to know that this package was for me when it arrived? :

Sat 16th May - Perry Hall parkrun 17:53 (Hannah 18:10)

Another encouraging effort came out of the visit to Perry Hall parkrun on Saturday, the venue for this year's parkrun ambassadors get together:

Sunday 17th May - Chester Half Marathon 1:19:21 (Hannah 1:20:20)

As usual with the ambassador's event, Saturday evening rolls into Sunday morning. On this occasion the last Guinness was being consumed close to 2am.

As a result, there were no great expectations for the Chester Half Marathon starting at 9am.

0-10 miles 1:00:34 (Hannah 1:01:55)

It took a little bit of effort to get going in the early stages due to the previous evening's shenanigans but slowly but surely the race started to flow quite nicely.

1:00:34 at 10 miles compared to 1:02:01 a week earlier in the Leeds HM. Even taking into account the easier terrain this still felt a lot stronger reflecting the difference between being 13 days post-marathon to being just 6 days post-marathon at Leeds.

But how would the final 5k hold up? 

10-13.1 Miles 1:19:21 (Hannah 1:20:20)

At Leeds the final 5K took 19:52 and felt like wearing lead boots.

One week on and the legs were happy to get stuck into this last section with a fair degree of enthusiasm. The result was 18:47 despite a stiff climb in the final mile and an improvement in placing from 43rd to 33rd.

This meant that the first 10 miles had averaged 6:03/mile and the final 5K had also averaged 6:03/mile.

First thoughts were that there couldn't be much, if any, residual marathon effect left if the legs could bounce along like that for 13 miles. Happy days :)

Further confirmation of those thoughts came very swiftly!

Hannah's Race

Hannah went through 5 miles and 10 miles (1:01:55) quicker than her previous PBs for those distances, an average of 6:11/mile for those first 10 miles.

It would have been no surprise if the last 5K had been something of a struggle after that. However, there was now a race on and an attempt to chase down Rachel Cave in 2nd.

The Checkpoint Standings:

Hannah 38:09 (81st/4th female)
Rachel 37:00 (52nd/2nd female)

10 Miles: 
Hannah 1:01:55 (71st/3rd female)
Rachel 1:01:21 (59th/2nd female)

Hannah 1:20:20 (52nd/2nd female) 
Rachel 1:20:35 (57th/3rd female)

Rachel had a strong finish to cover the last 5k in 19:14 (6:11/mile). 

But Hannah had a target in front of her and somehow pulled out an uphill final 5k of 18:25! In other words she had accelerated to 5:56/mile or 1:17:xx half marathon pace.

Where was the marathon fatigue?

Tracking Data:

1Teresiah OmosaUnattached1:15:37
3Rachel CaveHigham Harriers AC1:20:35

The ladies podium - Rachel Cave, Teresiah Omosa, Hannah Oldroyd:

Marathon Building Blocks:

15th Feb: 18.6 miles @ 6:16/mile
22nd Feb: 10.0 miles @ 6:04/mile
28th Feb: 3.1 miles @ 5:48/mile
28th Feb: 3.1 miles @ 5:50/mile
1st March: 13.1 miles @ 6:24/mile
8th March: 26.21 miles @ 6:23/mile
14th March: 3.1 miles @ 5:46/mile
14th March: 3.1 miles @ 5:36/mile
15th March: 20.0 miles @ 6:25/mile
21st March: 3.1 miles @ 5:45/mile
22nd March: 9.65 miles @ 6:18/mile
28th March: 3.1 miles @ 5:45/mile
29th March:  11.2 miles @ 6:08/mile)
4th April: 3.1 miles @ 6:00/mile
12th April: 26.21 miles @ 6:35/mile
18th April: 3.1 miles @ 5:40/mile
19th April: 5.8 miles @ 6:04/mile
26th April: 26.21 miles @ 6:32/mile
4th May: 26.21 miles @ 6:40/mile
6th May: 3.1 miles @ 5:36/mile
10th May: 13.1 miles @ 6:15/mile
13th May: 3.1 miles @ 5:36/mile
16th May: 3.1 miles @ 5:45/mile
17th May: 13.1 miles @ 6:03/mile

Next Week :

As the penultimate week before Kent Roadrunner Marathon the aim will be to get another 70+ mile week in with 3 shorter efforts - 

1. John Carr 5k Race 3

2. A parkrun

3. The Westminster Mile on Sunday.

It is always an interesting experience to shock the body with a flat out mile. Hopefully it will be marginally quicker than when running much of the same route at the end of this year's London Marathon!

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