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Monday, 5 October 2015

Yorkshire Marathon 2015 (Week 11 of 12)

Week 11

Mon 28/9: (am) 4.0 miles @ 8:41/mile
Mon 28/9: (pm) 4.0 miles @ 8:58/mile
Tues 29/9: (am) 4.0 miles @ 8:50/mile
Tues 29/9: (pm) 4.0 miles @ 8:35/mile
Weds 30/9: (am) 4.0 miles @ 8:10/mile
Thurs 1/10: (am) 3.0 miles @ 8:41/mile
Thurs 1/10: (pm) 4.0 miles @ 8:35/mile
Fri 2/10: (pm) 4.0 miles @ 8:24/mile
Sat 3/10: 4.0 miles incl. Antrim parkrun 18:00 (3rd) (3.1 miles @ 5:47/mile)  [Hannah 18:03 (1st)]
Sat 3/10: Run For Autism 10 Miles 1:01:47 (1st) (10 miles @ 6:10/mile) [Hannah 1:05:42 (1st)]
Sun 4/10: 5.5 miles @ 8:30/mile  [Hannah Titanic RunHer 10K 38:05 (2nd)]

Total Weekly Mileage:  50.50 Miles

The penultimate week in the build up to Yorkshire comprised of dropping the mileage back and having some more racing fun in Northern Ireland.

Sat 3rd Oct - Antrim parkrun 18:00 (3rd)      [Hannah 18:03 (1st) ]

It was the 100th event at Antrim parkrun on Saturday which coincided with International parkrun day, ie the anniversary of the very first parkrun at Bushy 11 years earlier.

We have visited the venue several times before but the last official run there was back at event no. 2, which coincidentally was also International parkrun day 2 years ago.

We were reminded of this fact by Ollie Cook during the race briefing. Ollie first got involved with parkrunning up at Durham under the influence of the legends that are Alister and Jacquie Robson. But on this day he was on marshalling duties saving his legs for the NI and Ulster Road Relays in Victoria Park, Belfast, later in the day. It turned out to be a very wise move as he clocked 11:05 for his 2.1 mile leg in that event. Very speedy.

Very scenic starting area on the banks of Lough Neagh:

Hannah with Antrim parkrun ED Anne Smith in front of the dual celebration banners, Antrim's 100th event and parkrun's 11th birthday:

The run itself was encouraging but did involve the first 'early morning cold air on the lungs' type run for a few months. I'm sure that acclimitisation to those types of conditions will swiftly follow in the next few weeks.

After the run it was time for coffee and scones with Ollie before swiftly setting off to get down to South Armagh for the Run For Autism H.A.N.D 10 Mile race from Newtownhamilton to Lissummon.

Saturday 3rd October (pm) - Run For Autism H.A.N.D. 10 Miles 1:01:47 (1st)     [Hannah 1:05:42 (1st)]

After thoroughly enjoying this event 2 years ago we really wanted to go back and give it another go. Consisting of 10 mile and half marathon runs along with a 10 mile walk option we opted for the 10 miler with next week's marathon in mind.

Run over the tough country lanes of South Armagh from Newtownhamilton to Lissummon this is no race for being concerned about times. Just as well really as my £6 Argos stopwatch finally fell apart just before the off :p

About 3 miles in and the hills are already proving challenging:

(pics courtesy of Colm O'Brien)

This type of course can easily result in a legacy of sore calves for the next few days so the race was run with a bit of caution on the (many) uphill sections.

Not having a watch meant that the pace was unknown until after the finish line. A time of 1:01:47 was about two minutes quicker than I was expecting taking into account the course profile and the cautious approach to the hills, so I'm taking that as a sign that fitness levels are in reasonable nick going into next week's marathon :)

Besides taking account of the hills, Hannah also had to bear in mind that she was also racing a 10k in Belfast the next day. 

Not often that I get on a podium:

And the wonderful organisers of this Run For Autism H.A.N.D. event always ensure that you get well fed afterwards:

Our starter for the day displaying a host of Paralympic Dressage medals:

The Newry Reporter decided to scare their readers :

Sunday 4th October - Titanic Runher 10K (Hannah 38:05 2nd)

On to Sunday and the Titanic Quarter in Belfast was the venue for the latest Runher events.

Approx 1600 runners took part, split evenly between the 5k and 10k events.

Just after the off in the 10k:

And a couple of hundred metres later with Hannah settling in about 5th position. Note the filming studios for Game of Thrones in the background:

Out on the open roads and there was plenty of nice flat tarmac to get stuck into. Hannah now in 2nd:

An unusual sight at the 2k mark, two deep sea oil platforms in for servicing. You really do get a sense of the sheer scale of these things when you get this close:

The podium finishers in the 10k Julie Balmer (3rd), Laura Graham (1st), Hannah Oldroyd (2nd)

Greg McClure, Hannah and an unusual looking Max McRoberts:

A small selection out of the 79 Ormeau runners that took part at Runher. This group is going from strength to strength, always competing in the right spirit and enjoying every minute:

Post race they dragged us kicking and screaming to the oldest building in Belfast, McHughs next to Custom House Square:

Thank goodness they did! On arrival we were greeted with the news that there was a FREE Guinness promotion for the Rugby World Cup. Oh, go on then :)

Next Week:

As this was week 11 of 12 it would be reasonable to assume that there is probably a marathon next week.......

There are the makings of a cracking day out in York next Sunday. Good luck to Jackson Biwott, who may well be featuring prominently in the closing stages. I think he is finding it a bit chilly around Bingley compared to his hometown of Iten in Kenya so he needs to run pretty swiftly just to keep warm ;)

It will also be interesting to see the metronome that is Kelvin Dickinson performing Sub 3 pacing duties, just 7 days after delivering the same duties, along with Rich Spooner, at the Chester Marathon. In that race every 10k split was delivered in a time of 42:xx by the Pacer Extraordinaire.

The approach from my point of view will be to get to 18 miles as smoothly as possible, allowing the pace to ebb and flow with the course undulations. It will then be time to start thinking about finishing times and mentally breaking down the remaining distance into manageable chunks.

What time will result from this will become clear on Sunday but there is a special incentive to record a sub 3 time as it will be 30 years and 14 days since the first sub 3 (2:52) was run in the Brussels Marathon on 30th September 1985. 30 year spans between first and most recent sub 3s are not that common apparently!

Marathon Building Blocks (getting a bit long now but this is the year in a nutshell once all the slow short runs are removed) :

15th Feb: 18.6 miles @ 6:16/mile
22nd Feb: 10.0 miles @ 6:04/mile
28th Feb: 3.1 miles @ 5:48/mile
28th Feb: 3.1 miles @ 5:50/mile
1st March: 13.1 miles @ 6:24/mile
8th March: 26.21 miles @ 6:23/mile
14th March: 3.1 miles @ 5:46/mile
14th March: 3.1 miles @ 5:36/mile
15th March: 20.0 miles @ 6:25/mile
21st March: 3.1 miles @ 5:45/mile
22nd March: 9.65 miles @ 6:18/mile
28th March: 3.1 miles @ 5:45/mile
29th March:  11.2 miles @ 6:08/mile)
4th April: 3.1 miles @ 6:00/mile
12th April: 26.21 miles @ 6:35/mile
18th April: 3.1 miles @ 5:40/mile
19th April: 5.8 miles @ 6:04/mile
26th April: 26.21 miles @ 6:32/mile
4th May: 26.21 miles @ 6:40/mile
6th May: 3.1 miles @ 5:36/mile
10th May: 13.1 miles @ 6:15/mile
13th May: 3.1 miles @ 5:36/mile
16th May: 3.1 miles @ 5:45/mile
17th May: 13.1 miles @ 6:03/mile
20th May: 3.1 miles @ 5:37/mile
23rd May: 3.1 miles @ 5:45/mile
24th May: 1.0 mile @ 5:07/mile
30th May: 26.21 miles @ 6:37/mile
6th Jun: 3.1 miles @ 5:58/mile
7th Jun: 13.1 miles @ 6:05/mile
10th Jun: 10.0 miles @ 6:20/mile
13th Jun: 3.1 miles @ 5:50/mile
14th Jun: 13.1 miles @ 6:02/mile
20th Jun: 3.1 miles @ 5:54/mile
20th Jun: 3.1 miles @ 5:40/mile
21st Jun: 6.21 miles @ 6:31/mile
25th Jun: 10.0 miles @ 5:57/mile
26th Jun: 13.1 miles @ 6:11/mile
27th Jun: 3.1 miles @ 5:57/mile
27th Jun: 6.21 miles @ 6:15/mile
28th Jun: 6.21 miles @ 6:42/mile
1st Jul: 1.0 miles @ 5:11/mile
5th Jul: 26.21 miles @ 6:35/mile
9th Jul: 3.1 miles @ 5:50/mile
11th Jul: 3.1 miles @ 5:54/mile
12th Jul: 3.1 miles @ 5:50/mile
18th Jul: 3.1 miles @ 5:57/mile
18th Jul: 6.21 miles @ 5:43/mile
19th Jul: 13.1 miles @ 6:15/mile
22nd Jul: 2.75 miles @ 5:50/mile
25th/26th Jul: 62.1 miles @ 8:00/mile
1st Aug: 3.1 miles @ 5:54/mile
1st Aug: 3.1 miles @ 6:47/mile
1st Aug: 6.21 miles @ 6:24/mile
2nd Aug: 13.1 miles @ 6:34/mile
6th Aug: 3.1 miles @ 5:49/mile
8th Aug: 3.1 miles @ 5:45/mile
9th Aug: 5.0 miles @ 5:57/mile
15th Aug: 3.1 miles @ 5:40/mile
16th Aug: 10.0 miles @ 6:00/mile
22nd Aug: 3.1 miles @ 5:52/mile
22nd Aug: 10.0 miles @ 6:15/mile
23rd Aug: 6.5 miles @ 6:19/mile
29th Aug: 1.0 miles @ 5:05/mile
30th Aug: 6.21 miles @ 5:58/mile
5th Sept: 48.0 miles @ 7:11/mile
13th Sept: 26.21 miles @ 6:51/mile
19th Sept: 3.1 miles @ 5:46/mile
20th Sept: 13.1 miles @ 6:03/mile
26th Sept: 3.1 miles @ 5:48/mile
26th Sept: 3.1 miles @ 5:59/mile
27th Sept: 6.21 miles @ 5:51/mile
2nd Oct: 3.1 miles @ 5:47/mile
2nd Oct: 10.0 miles @ 6:10/mile

Recent Marathon Record

2009 April - Blackpool Marathon 3:24:17 (Age 42)
2009 September - Fleetwood Marathon DNF (Age 43)
2010 October - Amsterdam Marathon 3:04:27 (Age 44)
2010 November - Milton Keynes Track Marathon DNF (Age 44)
2011 April - London Marathon 3:18:30 (Age 44)
2012 April - London Marathon 2:57:04 (Age 45)
2012 October - Chester 2:55:36 (Age 46)
2013 April - London Marathon 3:11:29 (Age 46)
2013 June - Cork Marathon 3:06:19 (Age 47)
2013 October - Budapest Marathon 2:58:53 (Age 47)
2013 December - Lancaster Marathon 2:54:17 (Age 47) (1st)
2013 December - Pisa Marathon 2:54:09 (Age 47)
2014 April - Manchester Marathon 2:51:52 (Age 47)
2014 April - London Marathon 2:57:52 (Age 47)
2014 June - Rhyl Marathon 2:58:24 (Age 48)
2014 October - Yorkshire Marathon 2:47:34 (Age 48)
2014 October - Dublin Marathon 2:58:53 (Age 48)
2014 November - Town Moor Marathon 2:54:56 (Age 48) (1st)
2015 March - Wrexham Marathon 2:48:12 (Age 48) (5th)
2015 April - Canberra ACT Marathon 2:52:10 (Age 48) (15th)
2015 April - London Marathon 2:50:55 (Age 48)
2015 May - Belfast City Marathon 2:54:54 (Age 48) 
2015 May - Kent Roadrunner Marathon 2:53:34 (Age 49) (4th)
2015 July - Potteries Marathon 2:52:40 (Age 49) (6th)
2015 September - Mary Anderson Colour Marathon 2:59:17 (Age 49) (7th)

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